AWS Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scalenbsp;data warehousenbsp;that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools. Start small for $0.25 per hour with no commitments and scale to petabytes for $1,000 per terabyte per year, less than a tenth the cost of traditional solutions. Customers typically see 3x compression, reducing their costs to $333 per uncompressed terabyte per year.

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API Paths

Authorize Cluster Security Group Ingress (GET) /?Action=AuthorizeClusterSecurityGroupIngress OpenAPI
Authorize Snapshot Access (GET) /?Action=AuthorizeSnapshotAccess OpenAPI
Copy Cluster Snapshot (GET) /?Action=CopyClusterSnapshot OpenAPI
Create Cluster (GET) /?Action=CreateCluster OpenAPI
Create Cluster Parameter Group (GET) /?Action=CreateClusterParameterGroup OpenAPI
Create Cluster Security Group (GET) /?Action=CreateClusterSecurityGroup OpenAPI
Create Cluster Snapshot (GET) /?Action=CreateClusterSnapshot OpenAPI
Create Cluster Subnet Group (GET) /?Action=CreateClusterSubnetGroup OpenAPI
Create Event Subscription (GET) /?Action=CreateEventSubscription OpenAPI
Create Hsm Client Certificate (GET) /?Action=CreateHsmClientCertificate OpenAPI
Create Hsm Configuration (GET) /?Action=CreateHsmConfiguration OpenAPI
Create Snapshot Copy Grant (GET) /?Action=CreateSnapshotCopyGrant OpenAPI
Create Tags (GET) /?Action=CreateTags OpenAPI
Delete Cluster (GET) /?Action=DeleteCluster OpenAPI
Delete Cluster Parameter Group (GET) /?Action=DeleteClusterParameterGroup OpenAPI
Delete Cluster Security Group (GET) /?Action=DeleteClusterSecurityGroup OpenAPI
Delete Cluster Snapshot (GET) /?Action=DeleteClusterSnapshot OpenAPI
Delete Cluster Subnet Group (GET) /?Action=DeleteClusterSubnetGroup OpenAPI
Delete Event Subscription (GET) /?Action=DeleteEventSubscription OpenAPI
Delete Hsm Client Certificate (GET) /?Action=DeleteHsmClientCertificate OpenAPI
Delete Hsm Configuration (GET) /?Action=DeleteHsmConfiguration OpenAPI
Delete Snapshot Copy Grant (GET) /?Action=DeleteSnapshotCopyGrant OpenAPI
Delete Tags (GET) /?Action=DeleteTags OpenAPI
Describe Cluster Parameter Groups (GET) /?Action=DescribeClusterParameterGroups OpenAPI
Describe Cluster Parameters (GET) /?Action=DescribeClusterParameters OpenAPI
Describe Clusters (GET) /?Action=DescribeClusters OpenAPI
Describe Cluster Security Groups (GET) /?Action=DescribeClusterSecurityGroups OpenAPI
Describe Cluster Snapshots (GET) /?Action=DescribeClusterSnapshots OpenAPI
Describe Cluster Subnet Groups (GET) /?Action=DescribeClusterSubnetGroups OpenAPI
Describe Cluster Versions (GET) /?Action=DescribeClusterVersions OpenAPI
Describe Default Cluster Parameters (GET) /?Action=DescribeDefaultClusterParameters OpenAPI
Describe Event Categories (GET) /?Action=DescribeEventCategories OpenAPI
Describe Events (GET) /?Action=DescribeEvents OpenAPI
Describe Event Subscriptions (GET) /?Action=DescribeEventSubscriptions OpenAPI
Describe Hsm Client Certificates (GET) /?Action=DescribeHsmClientCertificates OpenAPI
Describe Hsm Configurations (GET) /?Action=DescribeHsmConfigurations OpenAPI
Describe Logging Status (GET) /?Action=DescribeLoggingStatus OpenAPI
Describe Orderable Cluster Options (GET) /?Action=DescribeOrderableClusterOptions OpenAPI
Describe Reserved Node Offerings (GET) /?Action=DescribeReservedNodeOfferings OpenAPI
Describe Reserved Nodes (GET) /?Action=DescribeReservedNodes OpenAPI
Describe Resize (GET) /?Action=DescribeResize OpenAPI
Describe Snapshot Copy Grants (GET) /?Action=DescribeSnapshotCopyGrants OpenAPI
Describe Table Restore Status (GET) /?Action=DescribeTableRestoreStatus OpenAPI
Describe Tags (GET) /?Action=DescribeTags OpenAPI
Disable Logging (GET) /?Action=DisableLogging OpenAPI
Disable Snapshot Copy (GET) /?Action=DisableSnapshotCopy OpenAPI
Enable Logging (GET) /?Action=EnableLogging OpenAPI
Enable Snapshot Copy (GET) /?Action=EnableSnapshotCopy OpenAPI
Modify Cluster (GET) /?Action=ModifyCluster OpenAPI
Modify Cluster Iam Roles (GET) /?Action=ModifyClusterIamRoles OpenAPI
Modify Cluster Parameter Group (GET) /?Action=ModifyClusterParameterGroup OpenAPI
Modify Cluster Subnet Group (GET) /?Action=ModifyClusterSubnetGroup OpenAPI
Modify Event Subscription (GET) /?Action=ModifyEventSubscription OpenAPI
Modify Snapshot Copy Retention Period (GET) /?Action=ModifySnapshotCopyRetentionPeriod OpenAPI
Purchase Reserved Node Offering (GET) /?Action=PurchaseReservedNodeOffering OpenAPI
Reboot Cluster (GET) /?Action=RebootCluster OpenAPI
Reset Cluster Parameter Group (GET) /?Action=ResetClusterParameterGroup OpenAPI
Restore From Cluster Snapshot (GET) /?Action=RestoreFromClusterSnapshot OpenAPI
Restore Table From Cluster Snapshot (GET) /?Action=RestoreTableFromClusterSnapshot OpenAPI
Revoke Cluster Security Group Ingress (GET) /?Action=RevokeClusterSecurityGroupIngress OpenAPI
Revoke Snapshot Access (GET) /?Action=RevokeSnapshotAccess OpenAPI
Rotate Encryption Key (GET) /?Action=RotateEncryptionKey OpenAPI